Child Foot Pain – Severs Disease

Child Foot Pain – Severs Disease


Severs Disease is also known as Calcaneal Apophysitis and is one of the most common causes of heel pain in children. Usually, it occurs in one heel but can affect both. Sever’s disease is most likely to occur during a growth spurt, especially in children who participate in high-impact activities although not always. The bones, muscles and tendons may grow at different rates causing the muscles and tendons to become tight and in Sever’s disease this causes the achilles tendon (the tendon that attaches to the back of the heel) to pull on the growth plate of the calcaneus (heel). Repetitive stress to the growth plate causes inflammation and pain.

A child with severs disease will complain of heel pain, especially after periods of high-impact activity like running and jumping. Wearing flat-soled shoes or walking barefoot may exacerbate the pain. The child may also start to limp due to the pain and the tightness in the achilles tendon. The heel is likely to be sensitive to touch and can sometimes swell.


Usually with rest the pain lessens, and the Dr may recommend a break from high-impact activity. If the child wishes to remain in sport a supportive and shock-absorbing insole can reduce the impact on the heel and minimise stress and pain. However, until the child is fully grown, and the growth plate is closed and replaced with solid bone, sever’s disease may reoccur. Continuing to wear supportive footwear with a cushioning and supportive insole, especially during periods of activity can reduce the recurrence of this. Walking barefoot or in flip-flops should be avoided. A recovery shoe can be used after sport. To reduce stress on the heel this shoe has a slight heel and provides cushioning and shock absorption.


The insoles we recommend for Severs Disease are: PROGENIE


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